Continuous and Holistic Integration of Learning and Development for the Children of Beirut

In response to Beirut Blast, the CHILD project was implemented in 2021 in collaboration with Caritas Switzerland (CACH) and Caritas Austria (CAUT) in partnership with Caritas Lebanon (CL) and Seenaryo. The project had two goals: delivery of quality education and child protection. Quality education activities proposed included delivery of a remote regulated non-formal early childhood education program for 500 Syrian refugee children and a homework support program for 700 Lebanese learners enrolled in seven public schools. Both programs included the the delivery of the Quality Teaching and Learning (QTL) approach, developed by AAA and supported by CACH, as well as the promotion of secure, safe, and participatory school environments. To help with the recovery of education delivery following the blast, further enhance recovery of education delivery after the blast, the project provided training and ongoing coaching to 40 teachers, as well as integrated psychosocial support (PSS) curricula targeting children and their caregivers. In addition, teachers were given a self-care package and all seven schools were equipped with materials supporting education delivery (technological devices, stationary/ home-schooling kits) for 700 learners.