I Can Always Learn Project

Ana Aqra Association is implementing the “I Can Always Learn” project as a response to the exacerbating disruptions in education caused by the spread of COVID-19 and the adverse consequences of Lebanon’s economic situation. The project aims to use remote learning to ensure the continuity of essential education services. “I Can Always Learn” provides access to remote early childhood education to more than 800 out-of-school Syrian refugee and host community girls and boys (ages 4-6) in order to increase school preparedness and future retention in public schools. 100 Syrian refugee and host community girls and boys (ages 6-8) in schools have access to a remote retention support program as well. This program seeks to close pre-existing gaps caused by school interruptions while also preserving the continuity of learning and retention in public schools. The project also aims to engage community stakeholders, particularly parents and caregivers, to support the active learning environment by building their capacities to learn skills from an early literacy program called “I Can Also Teach”. Through training and coaching sessions, the project aims to build teachers’ capacities in adopting best practices in teaching during the distance learning modality.