The Quality Teaching and
Learning (QTL) handbook is a comprehensive tool for educators and school
administrators which identifies and explains effective teaching and learning
practice with positive effects on student and teacher performance. The handbook
supports understanding of key teaching methods and approaches, explains
pedagogical theory and links theory to practice with explicit and actionable
examples. The QTL handbook contains step-by-step guidance to support
implementation of improved practice and includes guidance on the conduct and
structuring of lessons for teachers, training of teachers in new approaches to
classroom procedures and pedagogy, and highlights the value of adopting a
continuous coaching model for teachers.

The QTL handbook is a unique
effort, built upon knowledge and expertise of the Lebanese education system; it
leverages best practice from around the world. Led by Ana Aqra Association, the
content of the handbook has been implemented and used throughout Lebanon in
multiple partnerships benefiting both the non-formal and formal education

This handbook was developed collaboratively by
representatives of MEHE, CERD, LU’s Faculty of Pedagogy, Ana Aqra Association
and Caritas Switzerland together with technical guidance from the University of
Teachers Education PH Zug, Switzerland.

Please click here to download the Handbook