Educational Kits

Just Right Start Kit

In 2022, Ana Aqra signed the MOU with CERD to develop further the ECE teacher training integrating the “Right Start” kit which was designed to support teachers and parents with resources they needed to provide game-based learning and teaching for preschoolers.

The “I Play and Learn with Ana Aqra” Kit

I Play and Learn with Ana Aqra” is an educational kit that includes seven card games and two board games.
It was designed by Ana Aqra team to improve and support Arabic language acquisitions and it:
• Provides educators with diverse resources to support them in achieving language learning objectives.
• Offers opportunities for formative assessment (teacher-led and self-assessment).
• Encourages learners to participate and communicate.
• Provides authentic language learning opportunities within a student-centered learning environment.
• Fosters collaborative leaning by engaging learners in group play.
• Promotes the development of social-emotional skills.
• Addresses all of the different components of language.
This kit is used by a diverse group of children in schools and across Ana Aqra programs as a primary resource
for teachers to facilitate their lessons in teaching Arabic to the entire class, during both guided and
independent work.