Ana Aqra Association’s projects fall under one or more of the four general programs:

Retention Support Program

ANA AQRA  designs and delivers Retention Support programs that serve in-school struggling learners across primary public schools all over Lebanon.

Based on the 2010 project, “I Also Can Read”, the retention support program contributed to the content of Ana Aqra Quality Teaching and Learning (QTL) model that is endorsed by MEHE, CERD and the Lebanese University and has been the framework used in many programs and for many different teacher trainings by many local and international NGOs.

Along with the teacher training and coaching package, this program inspired Ana Aqra experts to design additional tools that support teaching and learning including validated measurement and assessment tools, hands on and digitized literacy kits, and wellbeing materials.

The Retention Support Program highlights independent learning skills, builds educators’ capacities and engage parents/caregivers to participate in their children’s learning journey.

The program is comprised of:

– The Summer Remedial Program, which provides intensive support and uses literacy across content during the summer break to close achievement gaps for vulnerable learners at risk of dropping out of school.

– The Homework Support Program, which supports the grade 1 to 9 learners enrolled in Lebanese public schools to enhance their performance and long-term learning. The program creates a conducive environment in which learners are taught the necessary study skills given the necessary guidance to complete their homework and become more autonomous.

Basic Literacy and Numeracy Program (BLN)

ANA AQRA designs and delivers BLN programs that serve out of school children ages 9-14. This program prepares out of school children to transition to formal education within a reasonable period to support reduce early marriage, child labor and increase their protection and wellbeing.

The program is aligned with the MEHE regulated BLN program which focuses on fostering foundational reading, writing, math and science skills that are aligned with the official Lebanese curriculum. Furthermore, and based on the organization’s quality teaching and learning model (QTL) framework and its philosophy about learning, the BLN program highlights the “learn how to learn” strategies, builds educators’ capacities and engage parents/caregivers to participate in their children’s learning journey.

Ana Aqra has been supporting out of school children who either had dropped out of education or never attended been in school since 2013 offering equal chances for girls and boys in the most vulnerable governorates.

Based on the 2010 project, “I Also Can Read”, the BLN program began in 2013 with a focus on “learn how to learn” strategies.

Community Based Early Childhood Education Program (CBECE)

ANA AQRA designs and delivers formal and non-formal early childhood education program that provides the needed pre-requisites to enter formal preschool or enroll in grade one.

Children between the ages of 3 to 6 develop social-emotional, language, cognitive and motor skills through play and structured experiences.

Teachers are trained, coached and provided with state of the art resources to support autonomy and independent learning.

The CBECE Program highlights independent learning skills, builds educators’ capacities and engage parents/caregivers to participate in their children’s learning journey.

It also builds the capacity of the parents on the children milestone development and enabling the home learning environment to be more conducive and engaging.

In 2016, ANA AQRA, in partnership with other international NGOs and under the supervision of CERD, contributed to the development of the regulated community-based early childhood education program.

Psychosocial Wellbeing Services

Ana Aqra designs and delivers a Psychosocial Wellbeing program in support of learners, parents/caregivers and their educators embedded in all programs of in formal and non-formal education across all regions and implementations.

The wellbeing program allows our community of learners, parents/caregivers, and school staff to connect and learn in a more engaging, productive, and enjoyable manner. Through the Psychosocial Wellbeing Services, Ana Aqraf strives to create a supportive and nurturing educational environment, promoting the holistic development and wellbeing of learners in learning spaces and at home.

The wellbeing program focuses on topics such as psychosocial support, social and emotional development of children, stress release, violence prevention, positive behavior, self-care, self-confidence, the importance of education, positive communication, and health and hygiene issues.

Recognizing the need for a more effective intervention, Ana Aqra prioritizes capacity building and psychosocial wellbeing support for school staff. Training sessions are conducted on self-care, psychosocial wellbeing implementation, and gender in humanitarian action. These efforts aim to strengthen the skills of teachers and school staff, ultimately enhancing the learning experience and the quality of education provided.

The wellbeing program materials are available in both digital and hard copies. Please press here to see samples