Launching SCALES- 23 January 2020

A brainstorming workop in preparation for the launching of SCALES project, implemented by Ana Aqra with the support of Caritas Switzerland in partnership with the different institutions within MEHE, CERD and the Lebanese University Faculty of Pedagogy in the presence of World Learning and English facilitator Ian Grey.

SCALES, an extension of QTL project, aims at improving the quality of teaching and learning for vulnerable host community and Syrian refugee learners in Lebanon through support to the effective adoption and mainstreaming of the Quality Teaching and Learning (QTL) model across the Lebanese education system.
The QTL model was developed under the QTL project by Ana Aqra and its partners to respond to the needs of students irrespective of their educational level and aims to support their academic improvement and equipping them with problem solving and social emotional skills.

Read about QTL project from the below link

2019- اليوم العالمي للغة العربية

من أنشطة #اليوم_العالمي_للغة_العربية

تقرر الاحتفال باللغة العربية في ١٨ كانون الأول كونه اليوم الذي أصبحت فيه إحدى اللغات الرسمية الست في منظمة #الأمم_المتحدة

و بهذه المناسبة نود أن نذكركم بضرورة غرس حب اللغة العربية في قلوب أطفالكم وتشجيعهم على القراءة



International Day of People With Disabilities- 2019

Children with disabilities share the universal right to play, learn and live as active members in their community.

Ana Aqra’s team has worked together this year to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities to share the strengths in disability with #ThisAbility

International and local organization’s work to end discrimination of all people starts with human rights and inclusive policies through the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Ana Aqra is working towards enabling the differently-abled to be included in society and realize their full potential highlighting the importance of inclusion and inclusive education.

Artworks in the pictures done by Ana Aqra centers
#anaaqracenterAUSteam #anaaqracenterKasrAlSanawbarteam

Professional development for coaches and center coordinators- 2019

Professional development for coaches and center coordinators-Ana Aqra

Five team members working within CB- ECE project attended the “Advanced Inclusive Training” conducted by Mercy Corps in Amman.
The training focused on the special intervention tools to use with the learners having special needs. The team members developed their knowledge and skills to better serve the learners having special education needs and handicaps. The training focused on the inclusive strategies that foster an equitable and sustainable learning environment for everyone.