“Read Group” .. ambitious steps to restore friendship between the child and the book

(Cairo – mbc.net) In an initiative to encourage children to read, the coordinator of the Read Lebanon Group, Maryam Mablisi, is a guest on the “Kalam Nouaem” program on Sunday, November 8, 2009, to reveal the transformations the group is seeking To achieve them, by raising the level of knowledge of the child through continuous reading.

The Iqraa Group hopes to restore the friendship between children and writers through its spread in more than 102 schools in Lebanon; to guide children to the means by which reading can be developed by providing a library for each semester.

The general coordinator of the Iqra Group, which was founded 15 years ago, said that they succeeded in achieving some positive results. The children accepted reading, and some went to borrow some books from the school to read them at home.

She pointed out that the future vision of the “Iqra Group” is to unite them with the parents to become a single society that will push the child towards change for the better by encouraging them to read, which has not yet been achieved, revealing some of the other obstacles that stand in their way without accomplishing their goals, Neglecting children and not keeping books.

The guest of the program attributed the reasons for the child’s withdrawal from reading to the absence of the book itself, and the lack of sufficient encouragement by the parents and the school, adding that the child’s connection to reading should begin with him since the age of four years, and stressed the need to develop hobby by carving, Parents and school push the child towards reading.

She added that the child who is raised in an atmosphere full of culture arises from a lover of reading, but there are some parents busy in their work and do not have time to read when going home, so the child automatically acquires what his parents do, and finds himself gradually away from reading.

(Source: mbc.net)