Let’s play!

Every week we collaborate with Ana Aqra as volunteers, participating in the Psychosocial Support Program (PSS) in different schools in the area of Beirut. We are university students from a variety of countries and diverse backgrounds, but we share the enthusiasm for education and the belief that change is possible if we also bring our grain of sand.

Being part of a PSS Program is an enriching and positive experience, where the activities performed by the volunteers are also regarded as an important contribution for the welfare of the children and young people. And what is even better, we enjoy them!

PSS is based on the idea that the biological, emotional, spiritual, cultural, social and mental aspects of life are fundamental for the well-being of a human being and cannot necessarily be separated from another. And it is incredible all what you can achieve to this aim only playing!

By performing activities related to education, recreation, hygiene, sports, socio-cultural animation or simply playing children’s games, and thus becoming also a child for a while, we help to re-establish regular activities. This is a crucial step in feeling secure and confident that recovery is possible.