The Children’s Learning Center

The Children’s Learning Center was built in the mid 1800s and was the residence of Saeed Basha Haidar.

During the Ottoman Empire, the mansion acted as the governance for the town of Baalbeck and the North Eastern Beqaa Valley. In recent years, it has been granted ‘Cultural Heritage Zone’ status by the Lebanese Government.
The premises was used by his decedents as a summer house. During the civil war it was abandoned and consequently served as a school run by the ministry of education.

The monument comprised of the following:
– The back end of the original building were the stables that accommodated the Basha’s horses and carriages and those of his visitors and guests.
– Staff quarters that hosted caretakers, security, cleaners and cooks.
– The main house with vaulted arcades, marble flooring and an indoor water fountain, carved from one stone, centrally placed in the principal salon.
– The immaculate outdoor reception area paved with large stone slabs from the ruins of the Roman temples and its sublime water fountain centrepiece that spans back to Ottoman/Arab heritage eras, leading to the gardens which is now the playground.