The Joy of Volunteering- 2019

The Joy of volunteering

“Volunteering with Ana Aqra pushed me to learn more about myself. At some point I realized that I found the job of my dreams,” said Magalie, a volunteer who have participated in Ana Aqra volunteering program this summer.

“Kids were so committed to learn and were fascinated by the book and the activities around the book”.
I noticed that the teachers were facilitating the learning of the learners through rotational activities in a workshop setting respecting the time set for each activity. I still remember on my first day the teachers were working with the learners on “Les 5 sens” she said in French.
One teacher asked me for tips, teachers in general were open minded.

I had a non-formal talk with the teachers about the difficulties they face in education, we tried to find solutions together, it was a good exchange! I learnt a lot from my conversations with them. I think this was overall my favorite aspect of my time volunteering.

I really had a lot of freedom, they gave me the opportunity to build educational materials for children, to give feedback and to assist them in classroom. The difficulty I faced was that I don’t speak their language (Arabic), I had ideas that I couldn’t apply.
It was obvious that kids love coming to the center. I felt that they have a special relationship with their teacher. I saw how they were focusing on the teacher following her with their eyes, she didn’t even have to raise her voice. I heard a father telling the center coordinator that he can see the difference in his kids at home and that his daughter loves coming to the center.

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