The Just Right Start kit

In 2021, Ana Aqra finalized the production of the JUST RIGHT START kit which was designed to support teachers and parents with the resources they needed to provide game-based learning and teaching for preschoolers and Grade 1 learners. The “Just Right Start” kit was created to provide public school teachers with educational resources and materials in order to facilitate the learning and teaching processes with inclusive tools and contextual materials. The kit was produced in three languages: Arabic, English, and French and it covers basic skills, thematic learning, and educational games targeting the different areas of development. The “Just Right Start” kit was created with age-appropriate designs and materials to appeal school-aged children. In 2021, the Just Right Start Kit was endorsed by CRDP and approved by MEHE for distribution and use in public schools. 1029 copies in Arabic, 582 in French, and 512 in English were printed to be distributed to 806 public schools with kindergarten classes, each according to its teaching languages. The distribution of the 1654 kits to public schools will be launched in 2022 in close coordination with MEHE and will be available in all public schools in Lebanon with Kindergarten classes. 49 CRDP and DOPS centers will be equipped with the “Just Right Start” Kit as educational resources to help with training design. Ana Aqra is contributing additional kits to equip the Community Based Early Childhood Education centers in the Non- Formal Education Program