377Schools Impacted
886Class Libraries Established
85000Books Distributed
500Teachers Trained
(per year)
7000Children Benefitted
(per year)
3000Parents Benefitted
(per year)

Recent Project

Retention Support for At-Risk Boys and Girls Enrolled in Lebanese Public Schools– UNICEF

This project aims to provide homework and remedial support for struggling students in public schools across Lebanon. Students are provided two to three hours of support at the end of the school day and during the summer empowering students to become independent learners and encouraging school retention. The public school teachers involved in the project are trained by Ana Aqra professional trainers and offered continued support throughout the program. Training focuses on the balanced literacy approach to learning and provides teachers with effective classroom management and assessment skills.

Who are we impacting?

– 30 schools

– 15,000 learners

– 300 teachers

Stories from the field

  • Youssef

    At the beginning of the Wata Al-Musaytbeh summer program, eight year old Youssef was very reserved. He didn't speak to anyone and never participated in any classroom activities.

    His mother said that Youssef's father had left them when she was pregnant. She clearly expressed hardship and tension in the relationship with her son. Towards the end of the camp, Youssef came out of his shell, gained self-confidence and became more social, and ultimately his relationship with his mother improved. The picture clearly reveals his confidence speaking into the microphone.

  • Sema

    Sema is a Syrian refugee who arrived in Lebanon two weeks after the start of the school year. She was admitted to Sad Al-Bouchrieh School for Girls and enrolled in a French language class in the after school remedial program with no prior knowledge of the language.

    Sema showed gradual but significant improvement in the program. After only a few short months, Sema was invited to the UNESCO celebration and wrote a descriptive story in French about her experience.