What we do / Programs

Ana Aqra Association's projects fall under one or more of the three general programs:

Programs   integration

School Integration Programs

Community-Based Early Childhood Education Program (ECE)
A school readiness program for preschool aged children to enroll in formal schooling.

Basic Literacy and Numeracy Program (BLN)
A school preparatory program for school-aged children who have never been or dropped out of school paving their way to enroll in formal schooling.

Outreach Program
A program focused on mapping educational needs, raising awareness, reaching new beneficiaries and promoting equity by accessing all areas including remote areas.

Programs   retention

School Retention Programs

Remedial Program
A program providing intensive unified remedial support for vulnerable learners enrolled in formal schooling who are at risk of dropping out with emphasis on closing achievement gaps using literacy across content to ensure they stay in and succeed in school.

Homework Support Program
A program providing homework support and organizational skills in a safe space for learners enrolled in formal schooling to enhance their performance.

School Spirit Program
A reading program run by Ana Aqra Association volunteers during the school day motivating school communities to foster the love of reading as a lifelong habit.

Programs   services

Support / Service Programs

Psychosocial Support Program
A program that supports and is integral to all Ana Aqra Association educational programs. This program is based on the psychosocial intervention pyramid to improve and promote the wellbeing of children and their communities.

Parental Engagement Program
A support program that promotes parental awareness about children’s healthy development and engages them in the education of their children.

Teacher Capacity Building Program
This is a professional development program designed to improve performance of teachers utilizing Ana Aqra Association approaches which are implemented in all its educational programs.