Ana Aqra Association’s projects fall under one or more of the three general programs:

Basic Literacy and Numeracy Program (BLN)

ANA AQRA designed a basic literacy and numeracy program to prepare school aged children who have either dropped out or never been to school, for formal enrollment. The program focuses on fostering foundational reading, writing, math and science skills that are in alignment with the official Lebanese curriculum.

Based on the 2010 project, “I Also Can Read”, the BLN program began in 2013 with a focus on “learn how to learn” strategies.

Retention Support Program

ANA AQRA designed a Retention Support program that later evolved into a unified CERD approved program that will be applied by all local and international NGOs implementing Retention Support programs in public schools as of 2016. The Retention Support Program is comprised of:

– The Summer Remedial Program, which provides intensive support and uses literacy across content during summer break to close achievement gaps for vulnerable learners at risk of dropping out of school.

– The Homework Support Program, which prepares grade 1 to 9 learners enrolled in Lebanese public schools for enhanced performance and long-term learning. The program creates a conducive environment in which learners are taught the necessary study skills given the necessary guidance to complete their homework in any subject.

Community Based Early Childhood Education Program (CBECE)

ANA AQRA designed a non-formal early childhood education program that provides the needed pre-requisites to enter formal schooling. Children between the ages of 3 to 6 develop social-emotional, language, cognitive and motor skills through play and structured experiences.

In 2016, ANA AQRA, in partnership with other international NGOs and under the supervision of CERD, contributed to the development of community-based early childhood education programs.