Transparency and Accountability for Young Children – America Mideast Educational and Training Services

The theme for this project was honesty and responsibility among students. Class libraries were established and the books were used in many reading activities. A short story competition was held and the best 20 stories were compiled and published into a book.

Who did we impact?

  • - 3922 Students

  • - 22 Schools

  • - 74 Classroom Libraries


Evaluation of Children’s Literature – Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures and SIDA

Evaluators were trained and standards were established on how to assess children's books written in Arabic or translated into Arabic in an effort to promote children’s literature. Participants received training in Alexandria and Beirut and as a result 100 children’s books were evaluated.


Promoting Solidarity Human Rights and Sustainable Development – Oxfam Quebec Canadian Fund for Social Development

Developed and established class libraries in elementary public classrooms and launched a short story competition. There was an awards ceremony at the UNESCO Palace celebrating winners of the competition and recognizing the best school principal.

Who did we impact?

  • - 1000 Students

  • - 26 Schools

  • - 100 Teachers

  • - 56 Classroom Libraries

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