• Mouaz

    Mouaz, 4 years old boy, Syrian Refugee currently living in Lebanon, is a learner in level 2 CB-ECE at CLC Ana Aqra center in Baalbek. He has three sisters and one brother; Nariman, Nour, Nada and Houthaifa. They live now in Shikan Street-in Baalbek after they fled from Syria because of the crisis. “We are new here and we don’t know anyone, I prefer my kids to stay at home and don’t socialize with strangers and other kids. I want to keep them safe” explained the mother of Mouaz to his teacher Ihsan Shamas. Mouaz fears the classroom and his peers. He refused to switch classes at the beginning of the cycle and participate in any activity. "It's really difficult at the beginning for children to catch up" admits Ihsan Shamas, Arabic teacher. “I started seeing change in Mouaz when I saw him looking at me in the eye, holding my hand and my clothes” said Ihsan. When a teacher loves her students she becomes like their mother, she can feel if they are sick and if there is anything wrong going with them. “I love my students, I'll be there for them, ready to be involved with their lives” the teacher says.
  • Sema

    Sema is a Syrian refugee who arrived in Lebanon two weeks after the start of the school year. She was admitted to Sad Al-Bouchrieh School for Girls and enrolled in a French language class in the after school remedial program with no prior knowledge of the language.

    Sema showed gradual but significant improvement in the program. After only a few short months, Sema was invited to the UNESCO celebration and wrote a descriptive story in French about her experience.

  • Ismail

    Ismail, 5 years old refugee boy from Syria living in Lebanon, is born with growth delay and speech difficulties. Just like friends his age, Ismail likes to play- he is very sociable and friendly, and he has a positive attitude towards his teacher and friends. Ismail suffers from a short stature that prevents him from moving freely around the classroom and from participating in activities requiring particular physical effort. He also has speech difficulties represented by pronunciation and articulation challenges. Since May 2019, Ismail started receiving speech therapy sessions, once a week, as well as attending a classroom where Ana Aqra implements interventions to assist him in learning and maneuvering more easily. Today, Ismail’s verbal communication is improving day by day, and now he feels more integrated and included with his peers in the classroom. He enjoys participating in group activities and making new friends.  Grateful for the help that they are receiving, Ismail and his family hope that they will continue to be given the support experienced thus far.
  • Abdel Razak

    Abdel Razak Hmayed, 5 years old boy, Syrian Refugee currently living in Lebanon, is a learner in level 3 CB-ECE at CLC Ana Aqra center in Baalbek. He has two sisters and two brothers; Amar, Hakima, Abdel Rahman and Talal. He fled with his family from Syria because of the crisis, and they now live in Shikan Street-in Baalbek. Abdel Razak joined late the cycle with his sister his age. Abdel Razak felt different and couldn't cope at first. He was dependent to his sister and couldn't accept anyone else as a friend. Amal, his sister, coped and made friends immediately. Here the teacher thought on ways to include him within the group and to improve his feeling of belonging. During circle time, the teacher started to explain to children that everyone have differences " I wear a scarf, you wear jeans, you have blond hair, you have dark hair etc." The teacher started seeing results "He started reciting numbers during circle time, he was able to distinguish the shapes and letters and identify them but he still needs help with writing" she said. "I started noticing that Abdel Razak is a good listener" she added.
  • Bayan

    As noisy and energetic as her friends around her, Bayan’s story is one markedly different from those of her classmates. Bayan finds verbal communication difficult, hasn’t shown any interest in playing with her classmates and always has her hand in her mouth for comfort. “At first,” her teacher Rahma recalls, “Bayan was introverted, very shy. She wouldn’t talk to anyone and would barely even look at anyone. During those early weeks we took things very slowly”. By the end of the first cycle, which ran over a period of 3 months, Bayan started expressing her feelings more easily. The teacher began to hear her low voice as she spoke with her classmates and started to see obvious evolvement in Bayan’s body language and facial expression.
  • Amina

    Amina Ezzel Dine Nshouly, 5 years old girl, is a Syrian refugee living in Al Yasmine Syrian refugee camp in Bar Elias, Beqaa . When Amina entered the center, her teacher saw a child with communication challenges, speech difficulty, academic and social delays. The teacher decided to give her the full support she needs and to offer her a safe and enabling environment to be able to learn and grow and make friends. “When I look back at the assessments I really see progress” said her teacher. Amina continues to have challenges however she expresses her feelings more easily, responds to her teacher’s instructions, socializes more and above all she has a smile on her face.